The Prophet’s ﷺ Hajj




In the 10th year after migration the people heard that the Prophet ﷺ was planning to undertake his obligation of the pilgrimage to the House of Allah and everyone wanted to join him ﷺ in this blessed journey. Indeed, it is narrated that the previous prophets accompanied him too. The people not only wanted to witness the prophetic way of performing Hajj but also wished to attain the barakah and honour of performing Hajj with him ﷺ.

This book allows the reader to witness and be spiritually part of this journey with a step by step account of the prophet`s ﷺ 26 day journey, from his preparations for leaving Madeenah to his invitation to the people on his return.

No pilgrim should undertake this holy journey without having read this book. on numerous occasions during the journey the Prophet ﷺ ordered the companions to seek the rituals of Hajj from him as was unlikely to perform Hajj again, and indeed this was his only Hajj, with him ﷺ passing away 81 days after Hajj.

180 pages, paperback.


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