Welcome to the website dedicated to the landmark ‘knowing the Qur’ān' project. This project aims to present in English a consolidation of classic and contemporary commentaries of the Qur’ān in an easy to read and eloquent manner. Here you will not only be able to preview and buy the published volumes but also keep up to date with the progress of the next volume, aswell as see exclusive previews to whet your appetite. The website will also allow you to leave your views and interact with the author and publishers.

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To reveal and describe the depth and breadth of the message and meanings of the eloquent Quran, scholars in the art of tafseer (commentary and exegesis) have, in light of the prevailing times, commentated and explained the meanings of the Quran throughout the centuries.
Knowing The Qur’ān is a landmark work that brings together key classical and contemporary commentaries to reveal the Qur’ān’s eternal message, namely:
  • The Companion Abdullah ibn Abbās
  • Imam Rāzi’s Tafseer Kabeer
  • Tafseer Qurtubi
  • Tafseer Ibn Katheer
  • Tafseer Jalālayn
  • Tafseer Ruh al Bayān
  • Tafseer Mazhari
  • Tafseer Dhiyā ul Qur’ān
  • Tafseer Nur ul Irfān
  • Tafseer Tibyān ul Qur’ān
  • Tafseer Ashrafi

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12 Apr 2018

Ten people being conned

It has been said that there are ten people who are being conned: He who is convinced that Allāh is his creator but does not worship Him. He who is convinced that Allāh is his provider but is not content with Him. He who knows that this world is temporary but still relies upon it. […]

12 Apr 2018

Ten things which are a great waste

The scholar who is never asked. Knowledge which is never acted upon. Good advice which is never accepted. The weapon which is never used. The Masjid which is never prayed in. The Mus’haf which is never read. The wealth which is never spent. The horse which is never ridden. The knowledge of Zuhd (piety) in […]

11 Apr 2018

The rights of one neighbour over the other

Hasan Basri narrates that the Prophet ﷺ was asked, ‘What responsibilities does one have with regards to one’s neighbour?’ He ﷺ replied, ‘When he asks you for a loan give him, when he invites you accept him, when he is ill visit him, when he seeks your help oblige him, when a calamity befalls him […]

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